Terms & Conditions

No Team Members can ask their Uplines or the Admin to pay them any amount
You can transfer amount to your Uplines or Leaders and in return receive the required Wallet Funds in your Wallet
You can collect amount (Cash or Bank transfer) from your Downlines or Team Members & transfer equivalent Wallet Funds to their Wallet
You are FREE to create any number of IDs in one single name, mobile number & email id, from the funds that you are having in your Wallet or by purchasing funds from your Uplines or Leaders
You can sell your IDs to others at the price mentioned in the News of October 17th 2019
You have to Upgrade your ID within the given time period, as per the following:
1st Level within 24 hours (1 day)
This is a must as you have to pay & Activate your ID.

From 2nd Level onwards, your ID will be Upgraded automatically from the Wallet balance, so, no need to Upgrade but if you are taking the amount of SPONSOR Income from your Referrals directly as CASH or transferring to your Bank Account, then you have to do Manual Upgrade for the Sponsor Income & it should be done within the below given period of time

3rd Level within 72 hours (3 days)
4th Level within 96 hours (4 days)
5th Level within 120 hours (5 days)
6th Level within 144 hours (6 days)