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Apr. 07, 2020

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Raymond Saldanha
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Apr. 02, 2020

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Raymond Saldanha
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March 16, 2020

Protect yourself fromCorona Virus... COVID-19 avoid going out in the Crowd ... Stay at home & work from home through your Smartphone or Computer and anything you want, order online

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Raymond Saldanha

Mar. 03, 2020

Existing Members of create your any number of IDs in your own Name with the funds that you have in your Wallet and sell or transfer those IDs later to others as per the price mentioned in the NEWS of October 17th 2019 also promote your 1st ID with your friends & relatives & receive the additional Sponsor Income of INR. 10776500 behind each ID, only for joining with INR. 297 as 97 will be received immediately upon Activating the ID

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Raymond Saldanha
Mob/WhatsApp: +91-9845376244

Feb. 10, 2020

EARN INR. 60,000 to 1 Lakh per month through Part Time Work

By purchasing a Policy with INR.25,000 plus or minus & appearing the IRDA Examination & Passing, you or any of the family member will become the Advisor of Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance Company Ltd & get the Family Part Time Work Income of INR. 60,000 per month, in the 1st year & more than 1 Lakh per month income from the 2nd year.

This is possible, when every family will PURCHASE the Policy at the beginning itself in any of the family member's name who is younger, so that the Mortality charges are less & then any of the family member who have passed 12th standard will appear for the IRDA EXAM & become the Advisor

When you will do this & become the Advisor & inform about this to your friends and relatives, they also should purchase the Policy first & you will receive 30% of their 1st year Premium amount in your Bank Account & you will receive this from all the people joining through you, so by taking the Policy first & then becoming the Advisor & by forwarding this message to all your people we are creating a NETWORK of INSURANCE to EARN the monthly Income of more than INR. 60,000

You will receive 30% of the Premium as your income in the 1st year & 5% every year till the end of the Term

Policy holders will receive 9.9% Bonus on the Sum Assured every year till the end of the Term which no Bank or Post Office will give you and also your life will be covered from day 1 of your Policy issued date, so, do not hesitate to take bigger Sum Assured Policy in your or any of your family member's name

The Top Earner's income in the year 2018/19 is INR. 3.8 Crores, hope you too wish to receive at least the amount which I have mentioned in this message every month

So, Tell me, will you hesitate to invest INR. 25,000 plus or minus & answer the IRDA exam to EARN the Income?

All these you can EARN by forwarding my this message adding your Name & contact details at the bottom of this message, so that I will come to know who sent you the message and if they come back with any of the queries, I will answer them with a cc to you too & others, whose Name & contact details are there in the message, so that you also will know the answer for their questions

Now tell me, are you confident to invest & appear for the exam after going through the study materials of Insurance?

If you are not having the study materials, please contact me
The IRDA EXAM is very easy, I cleared my exam with only 2 days preparation - you prepare properly and when you are confident to answer, inform me, after that I will take the date for the exam

If you have any clarifications, kindly contact me pointing this message or forward this message to your people for their comments adding your Name at the bottom after my name & contact number so that when I will receive their clarifications & will answer them with a cc to you & all the people whose contact details are available in that message

If this message is received from others, kindly first copy the whole message received by you with everyone's name & contact details on it & then ask any of your questions

Waiting to hear from you

Raymond Saldanha
Mob/WhatsApp: +91-9845376244

Dec. 12, 2019

Taking the Policy of 3 Generation Plan through means, you are spending on the education, health & betterment of your child & feeding him now, so that he will become strong & will take care of you, when you are unable to work, till the time of your death
How much money you are spending now to make him strong for the period of 10 or15 years, that much money with interest will take care of your rest of the Life & then will take care of your Nominee's Life till the time he/she is living & upon his/her death, full death benefit (Sum Insured+Bonus) amount will be paid to the next Nominee

Not interested in the above Policy?

Please visit and see how strong is our Parent company is

For any clarifications kindly contact me

Raymond Saldanha

Dec. 09, 2019

Secure Your life, your Nominee's life & next Nominee's life

If you can arrange the required amount of Premium for the 3 Generation Plan every year for the TERM (10 or 15 years) that you wish to take with the Sum Assured, invest that on the3 Generation Plan of Edelweiss Tokio as informed in the audio in Hindi andsecure your life & your Nominee's life & his/her Nominee's life, if not give the online exam of IRDA with your Pass certificate of 12th Standard and Pass the online exam in English or in your State language and become the Advisor or Agent & promote the 3 Generation Plan with all your people and secure every one's life

In case of disability to the Insured, after taking the Policy, no need to pay any further Premiums, company will waive all the Premiums and your Policy will continue and you will get all the benefits as mentioned in your Policy contact

For any clarifications kindly contact me

Raymond Saldanha

Nov. 25, 2019

A very nice Investment Plan for all the Indians of Age: starts from 90 Days to 100 Years.

This Investment Plan provides you with:
Best Growth +
Tax Free benefits as per the Indian Income tax act + Cover on Health and Death.

To know this, 3 Generations Combo Plan, kindly contact the person who is sending you this message with your email id

Here you can Invest in your Child’s Name or Grand Child’s Name.
On the completion of Premium Payment Term (PPT) (10, 15, 20, 25 Years) You will get a Lump-sum amount and
once you pay the Last Premium as Per the Term, you will get 30 to 66% of the Lump-sum amount as per the PPT and then every year you will get the FIXED amount (9.9%of the Sum Assured) till the Child or Grand Child will reach the age of 99years.

Incase of your unfortunate event before your 80th year, 100 times of your 1st year payment is paid to your Nominee & Incase of your spouse unfortunate event 50 times of your 1st year premium is paid to your nominee.

Please note, also the regular pay will continue to the child incase of Parents death....
during the PPT, no need to pay further premiums (premium will be waived off) and plan will continue.
If Parents death after PPT, plan will continue as required for your child or grand child

It's a unique 3 generation plan from Indo Japanee based company Edelweiss Tokio which is Regulated by RBI & IRDAI

If you are unable to invest on the above plan, then become the Advisor by giving online exam in your STATE or CITY with a Fee of Rs. 560 & get the training and then recommend this plan with your people and receive Income in your Bank Account for recommending others

Minimum Qualification for becoming the Advisor: 12 Std Pass Certificate

Contact the person who is sending you the above message & get the guidance to Invest in your Child or Grand Child's Name and benefit till they reach the Age of 99 years or become the Advisor by giving online exam & promote this INVESTMENT Plan with your people and benefit lifelong receiving good income from the company.

Oct. 14, 2019 is the CROWD FUNDING NETWORK site for the full WORLD people, everyone will benefit & will EARN in Millions or in Billions with only INR. 297 means Indian Rupees 297 (an one time Investment) from your pocket.

This site opens in all the languages of the WORLD so, visit and first select the language that you know better and then go through all the details and for any clarifications, kindly contact your Sponsor/Upline and he/she will connect you to the Leader who knows everything about this site

Even though is not asking for any Direct referral to EARN or TRANSFER the Income what is mentioned on the site, after joining if you don't refer anyone, how you can expect others to get spillover?

So, immediately after Joining & Activating your ID, either inform all your friends and relatives to join with you OR you, yourself take any number of IDs in your own name and receive back INR. 97 behind each ID immediately in your Wallet & when you have 10 Directs Referrals contact the Top Leader & again receive INR. 500 - Here you are reserving your IDs on the Top after your ID, which later transfer to your own people & receive back from them more than INR. 1 Crore behind every ID that you have transferred, as, no one can change the Sponsor Name on any of the IDs, which is YOU

Oct. 17, 2019

Best way to make money through

Since OUR site is working on FORCED MATRIX Auto Filling and not asking any direct, to transfer the Wallet amount to others and in order to receive the Level Income & Sponsor Income from the New known MEMBERS directly in your Bank Account, please do the following:

Transfer minimum of INR. 1000 to the Top Leader RAYMOND SALDANHA's Bank Account or on GooglePay, PhonePe or PayTm & receive 25% extra in your Wallet

Then Refer your ID to others & Activate their IDs through your Wallet fund or take your own maximum number of IDs under your 1st id and receive back INR. 97 in the Wallet of your 1st ID immediately behind every ID Activation, which you can use to Register more accounts

Preserve these IDs till the time they are upgraded with INR. 500 or any higher amount, then transfer them to your friends or relatives who are interested & ready to pay you INR. 297 + whatever upgraded amount

If the ID is Upgraded with 500, then you take from him/her 297+500= INR. 797

If the ID is Upgraded with 3500, then you take 297+500+3500= INR. 4297

If the ID is Upgraded with 30000, then you take 297+500+3500+30000=INR. 34297

Like this you can transfer your IDs later to the People who will come forward to purchase the same adding the Upgraded amount and receive direct cash in your Bank Account

For any clarifications kindly contact your Sponsor or the Upline Leader